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A fashion blog or fashion blog is a blog or vlog that consists mainly of articles and posts about fashion , such as: B. certain items of clothing and accessories , trends in different clothing branches ( haute couture , prêt-à-porter etc.), celebrity fashion selection or street fashion trends . On such websites , the bloggers present the products of large clothing chains and fashion houses as well as those of independent designers .


Many fashion blogs are also categorized as shopping blogs , as they usually contain purchase advice and thus have numerous recommendations from consumers, which is similar to the content of fashion magazines . Some retailers in the fashion industry have even started blogging themselves to promote their products. Some blogs focus more on fashion advice with so-called "how to ..." articles for lay people. Clothing fit and cut as well as the matching and addition of colors are presented, as well as general knowledge of wearing and care as well as compliance with traditional and fashion standards. Blogs that only occasionally mention fashion are not categorized as fashion blogs , although the bloggers themselves label them as such.

Influence on the fashion industry

Fashion is one of the most profitable industries with a significant impact on the way people dress and present themselves. It relies heavily on media and advertising. The preferences and goals of the manufacturer are to communicate and influence public perception. At the same time, opinions can be influenced by social change and emerging counter-trends regardless of producers, dealers and designers . As fashion is spoken of trends inside and outside the fashion industry, fashion blogs and other "new media", which are driven outside the control of traditional producers and which represent a disruptive innovation, all around the social dynamics of mass media and consumers in modern consumer society . It can be assumed that the blogosphere will have a significant and long-term impact on the industry. This can be attributed to the usage numbers and growth of the blogs. More and more consumers are finding out who they are and are therefore able to actively use and influence the media. Traditional manufacturers and advertisers are now obliged to adapt their practices to avoid diluting their own influence.

Role of social media

Social networks are becoming increasingly important for the fashion and cosmetics industry. Above all, Facebook , Google+ and Instagram offer the opportunity to reach potential customers indirectly via bloggers and to do consumer-oriented marketing.

Bloggers present the fashion in their own and personal way and convey an everyday impression of the clothes. This forms a completely different picture for the potential consumer and shows more diverse combinations with other items of clothing.


Fashion blogs are a relatively new phenomenon that appeared relatively late in the blogosphere. The number of fashion blogs increased from one in 2002 to more than a hundred in 2006.

German blogger scene

Examples of former pioneers and now established fashion blogs in Germany include Modepilot , Anna Frost, Two For Fashion and Masha Sedgwick. Between the female-dominated fashion blogger scene, there are also occasional male fashion bloggers such as Mariano Di Vaio, Sami Slimani and Mister Matthew. Professional fashion bloggers are able to make a living from this activity.

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