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Moduin or Modoin , Latin Modoinus or Moduinus , (* around 770; † 840 to 843) worked as a clergyman and poet of the Carolingian Renaissance at the court of Charlemagne and Louis the Pious . From around 815 he was Bishop of Autun .

He wrote poems in praise of Charlemagne, among others, and another is addressed to his friend Theodulf von Orléans . His Ecloga (from 804 to 810) is a dialogue about poetry in which he also praises the court of Charlemagne as the new Rome. He signed his poems as "Naso" after Ovid's nickname . A complete manuscript of the Ecloga is in the British Library , another in Darmstadt .

When Agobard was deposed as Bishop of Lyon in 835 , Moduin took over some of his duties, which brought him into conflict with the local clergy, especially Florus of Lyon .

Possibly (Francesco Stella) he is also the poet of the anonymously published poem Karolus Magnus et Leo Papa ( Paderborn epic , around 800) about the meeting of Karl with Pope Leo in Paderborn 799.


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