Montes Apenninus

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Montes Apenninus
Eratosthenes + Montes Apenninus - LROC - WAC.JPG
Western part of the Montes Apenninus ( LROC -WAC)
Montes Apenninus (moon equatorial region)
Montes Apenninus
position 19.3 °  N , 0.59 °  W Coordinates: 19 ° 18 '0 "  N , 0 ° 35' 24"  W.
diameter 600 km
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The northernmost part of the Lunar Apennines at the Hadley Rille and the landing site of Apollo 15 .

The Montes Apenninus are the mightiest mountains on the moon . The mountain range is part of the partial crater wall around the basin of the Mare Imbrium and is located south of the Montes Alpes, which are also arranged . It has a length of around 600 km and rises in places over 5000 m.

The Moon Apennines were named by Hevelius after the Apennines in Italy . Its southern section is flanked in the northwest by the Mare Imbrium and in the southeast by the Mare Vaporum . Thus, the geographical breakdown is similar to that of the terrestrial Apennines, which is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea . When looking at the lunar Apennines, it is noticeable that it has numerous impact craters .

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