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Multifunction tool from Gerber (older model)

A multi-function tool (colloquially multitool ) is a tool that can be carried in a trouser pocket or on a belt that combines various individual tools , such as pliers tools with other types of tools that can be folded out. There are also special tools for different application profiles.

Pliers tools

A type of multitool, with pliers as the central element and other tools in the handle, was patented by Timothy S. Leatherman in 1978 and has since been marketed by the American company Leatherman . The name Leatherman has been used as a generic name since then . Further manufacturers of such tools are Victorinox (Switzerland), Gerber (USA) and SOG (USA).

In addition to folding the pliers head into both handle shells, the pliers can also be stowed in the handles using a sliding mechanism (e.g. Gerber) or a side folding mechanism (e.g. SOG). This enables one-handed access to the pliers function, the handle shells remain closed while working and lie in the hand. On some models, the pliers head consists of needle-nose pliers or combination pliers , both occasionally with an integrated wire cutter. There are also models with intermediate designs. There are also other special constructions that include scissors, for example.

Additional tools are serrated blades, metal files, mandrels, saws, screwdrivers and bit attachments .

Average models weigh around 200–300 g and when folded are around 10–12 cm long, while smaller models can be carried as a key chain.

While the first models contained all additional tools inside the handle shells and unfolded tools were held by a spring tension, in the course of further development in the upscale segment, models with lockable individual tools have become established. On some models, all or some of the main tools can be accessed from outside without having to unfold the pliers. If the blades can be folded out by spring force or with one-handed operation, some of the tools are subject to weapon law ( switchblade knives , one- handed knives ).

Some manufacturers offer additional interchangeable attachments, for example screw bits or interchangeable saw blades.

The tools are offered with either metal, burnished or camouflaged surfaces in a military look .

SOG tool with side folding function
Leatherman Charge XTi with interchangeable bits and an externally accessible one-hand blade
Victorinox Swiss Tool in a set with an additional screwing tool

Bicycle tools

There are multifunctional tools for bicycles that have been developed for use on the move. With them, attention was paid to compactness and lightness. An example of this is the bone for use on simple bicycles.

The modern tools include open-end or ring spanners in various gradations and opening widths from 8 to 15 mm as well as various hexagon and Torx screwdrivers. On some models you can find nipple tensioners , chain tools , tire levers and other accessories. Some tools can be removed individually so that they can be used separately.

very light and compact tool
Allen key and chain tool
Compact tool, closed
Compact tool, open

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