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Russian guard parade in front of the Julius Heinrich Zimmermann company building in Saint Petersburg , around 1900

The Carpenter music publishing house is a German music publisher .


Julius Heinrich Zimmermann started his own music shop in St. Petersburg in 1876 . Four years later he opened his first instrument factory for brass instruments. Further special workshops followed, in which own models were developed. At the same time, he offered learning methods for almost all instruments. Branches in Moscow , London and Riga were opened. In 1886 Julius Heinrich Zimmerman moved to Leipzig .

Composers such as Mili Alexejewitsch Balakirew , Sergei Lyapunow , Riccardo Drigo , Leonardo De Lorenzo and others have appeared in the publishing house . In 1919 Russian stores were nationalized. In 1922 Julius H. Zimmermann handed over all business affairs to his sons Wilhelm (1891–1946) and August Zimmermann (1877–1952). In 1928 the company was split up. The instrument company was continued by August Zimmermann until 1936. The publishing house became the sole property of Wilhelm Zimmermann. He published all of Niccolò Paganini's guitar compositions and a large part of his chamber music works, which were mainly edited by Erwin Schwarz-Reiflingen, Paul Bulatoff and Kurt Schumacher . He also included jazz music in his program and published numerous compositions by Nikolai Karlowitsch Medtner . After his death the publishing house passed into the hands of his widow Edith Zimmermann, b. Krieckler (1900–1975) about. After the expropriation in the Soviet occupation zone , she relocated the company to her hometown of Frankfurt am Main . In 1975 her daughter Maja-Maria Reis (1929–2000) successfully continued the publishing house. She was the first woman on the board (and president) of the German Association of Music Publishers .

Zimmermann Musikverlag today

Today the publishing house is still privately owned by the daughter Cornelia Großmann and is under one roof with the music publishing house Robert Lienau and the Edition Hieber in the Allegra music publishing house. The company headquarters has been in Erzhausen since January 2013 .

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