Naqibullah Shorish

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Naqibullah Shorish (* 1954 in Kabul ) is an Afghan politician. He has been the Kharoti tribal leader since April 2011 (as of September 2011).


Since 1980 he lived in exile because of the Soviet-Afghan war , first in Stuttgart and Bonn , then in Düsseldorf . His last job in Germany was at the Federal Employment Agency , where he works as a clerk. He has been officially on vacation since 2008 and campaigns for the interests of the Kharoti in Afghanistan.

Shorish was one of the initiators of the Jirga in Kabul in 2010 .

Naqibullah Shorish, as the tribal leader of the Kharoti, is responsible for the Khaki Jabbar district in the province of Kabul .

On April 2, 2011, 120 delegates from a Kharoti shura in Kabul elected him to be their official representative.

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