National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

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National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

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The flag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the flag of the Northern Alliance are used in Punjir.
Lineup August 2021
strength about 10,000
Location Punjjir Valley
Ahmad Massoud
(since 2021)

The Punjjir Resistance (self- termed National Resistance Front of Afghanistan , NRF or NRFA ) is an alliance of former members of the so-called Northern Alliance and other opponents of the Taliban , founded in response to the advance of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2021 . The leaders of the NRF are the Afghan politician and military commander Ahmad Massoud and the Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan , Amrullah Saleh . The aim of the NRF is to build an autonomous government in the provinces it controls.

Bismillah Mohammadi , the former Defense Minister of the Islamic Republic, is also a member of the Punjjir Resistance. Troops of the former Vice President and General Abdul Rashid Dostum are also said to have joined the resistance.

The starting point of the resistance is the Punjjir Valley , an extension of the Hindu Kush . The valley was the last remaining area under the control of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

On August 17, 2021, Amrullah Saleh claimed to be President of Afghanistan under the Afghan Constitution because former President Ashraf Ghani had left the country.


On July 13, 2021, The Economic Times reported that former members of the former resistance group called the National Islamic United Front to Save Afghanistan would band together to fight the Taliban. On July 28, 2021, The Washington Post reported that these groups would be forming under the name Resistance II. After the Taliban conquered Kabul, it was reported that large numbers of anti-Taliban opponents, led by Vice President Amrullah Saleh , would be gathering in the Punjjir Valley, the only area not controlled by the Taliban at the time. The aim is to build a new resistance group.

On August 17, there were reports that refugees had joined the resistance. In addition, former members of the Afghan army had arrived and joined the resistance as well. These would have carried tanks and other vehicles with them.

On August 18, the Washington Post published an article by Massoud asking the international community to support the Punjjir resistance. He also wrote that the militias under his command were ready to fight and had large stocks of ammunition and weapons. Nevertheless, outside support is essential, especially in view of the encirclement of Punjjir by the Taliban.

In a report dated August 19, the manpower was estimated at 10,000. A few days later, the Taliban announced that several hundred fighters were on their way into the valley to break the resistance. On August 23, the media reported fighting at the entrances to the region.

On August 28, Der Spiegel published a three-page letter that Amrullah Saleh sent digitally to a reporter at Der Spiegel . In it he criticizes the Doha Agreement and the US government.

In August Taliban negotiators entered into negotiations with the leadership of the Punjir resistance. According to the resistance fighters, the first Taliban attacks were repulsed at the end of August.

On September 3, 2021, the Taliban declared the Pandjir Valley to have been conquered. This was denied by the Amrullah Saleh.

On September 6, the Taliban hoisted their flag in front of the governor's palace in Pandjir Province, repeating their September 3 claim. The NRF had previously proposed a ceasefire. Ahmad Massud announced on Twitter that he was safe and called for a national revolt . The NRF said that the Taliban are not strong enough to break the resistance and that the NRF is not fighting against the Taliban, but against the Pakistani army . The Taliban's press secretary in Kabul said the war was over.


The Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, Dmitrij Schirnow , called the resistance “doomed”, and militarily the alliance has no chance. Schirnow said Saleh's self-proclamation as transitional president was unconstitutional. He himself wants to mediate talks between the Taliban and the NRF.

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