Neferkare III.

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Name of Neferkare III.
Royal Papyrus Turin (No. 4. / 20.)
Hiero Ca1.svg
N5 F35 D28 Z1 G7
Hiero Ca2.svg
(Nefer ka Re)
Nfr k3 Rˁ
(With) perfect Ka des Re (..., a Re)

Neferkare III. was an ancient Egyptian king ( Pharaoh ) of the 9th Dynasty ( First Intermediate Period ).

supporting documents

After the royal papyrus Turin he was the 3rd ruler of the 9th dynasty (4.20).

Perhaps he was the Neferkare, who is mentioned in the inscription of the prince Ankh-tifi of Moalla in Upper Egypt . However, this interpretation is controversial in Egyptology .



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Questions of detail

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predecessor Office successor
Wahkare Cheti I. Pharaoh of Egypt
9th Dynasty