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A New Year's sheet is an annual font that appears at the turn of the year with local z. Sometimes also regional topics from the areas of local history , local history , politics , social coexistence or culture . As periodicals, New Year's Sheets form a historically valuable, ongoing collection. The editors are mostly municipalities and cities, societies or local libraries.

Form and time of publication

Mostly as a brochure or Publications appearing in a magazine are also increasingly adapting to modern developments and are available online in whole or in part. The traditional publication date is January 2nd on so-called Berchtold's Day .

Meaning and history

New Year's papers form a treasure trove of the cultural history of a municipality or a city. The tradition of publishing New Year's papers has existed in Switzerland since at least 1645, see the history of the New Year's papers of the Fraumünster Society .

Example meaning Zugerneujahrsblatt: It gives a fascinating insight into everyday life as well as into the cultural, historical and economic development of the region. At the center of each issue there is one main topic. Proven authors shed light on the background to current topics, stories and events. The Zuger Neujahrsblatt is contemporary in its own way, without chasing the headlines or the rapidly changing zeitgeist. The contributions encourage: to think further, to discuss, to implement.

Delimitation to the home yearbook

In terms of content, a New Year's paper is closely related to a (home) yearbook (for example the yearbook of the city of Wädenswil ) and differs from this primarily in terms of the scope and type of publication. There is no separate Wikipedia category "New Year's Gazette". Some New Year's sheets have so far been assigned to the category: Home Yearbook , for example:

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