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Under new breed is meant by breeding recovered organisms. The recognition of newly bred varieties (in plant breeding ) or races (in animals ) are regulated by law in the Plant Variety Protection Act and are administered by the Federal Plant Variety Office. Criteria for recognition include:

  1. Distinguishability from known organisms
  2. Uniformity in the expression of the newly bred traits in the offspring

Organisms that can prove this enjoy plant variety protection . The right to bring the new breed into circulation does not go hand in hand with this. It is granted separately by an entry in the list of varieties . Other requirements apply for this:

  1. higher yield
  2. improved ingredients
  3. Disease resistance
  4. improved demands on the growing conditions

This applies to the varieties that have already been approved. Within the EU there is a cooperation between the variety offices of the members. A European list of varieties appears annually. New breeds are often named after the place or person in or by whom they were made.



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