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Nicolas Appert

Nicolas Appert (born November 17, 1749 in Châlons-en-Champagne , France , † June 1, 1841 in Massy , France) was a French confectioner and inventor. His year of birth is also given as 1750 or 1752, his year of death also as 1840. Previously, the first name was incorrectly given as François, Nicolas-François, Charles or Charles-Nicolas, probably because François ("the French") was misunderstood as a name.

Preserving bottle of Appert

Appert, the son of a wine merchant and innkeeper, trained as a chef, later founded a brewery and finally trained as a master chef. From 1772 to 1775 he lived in Zweibrücken in Germany, then from 1775 to 1784 in Forbach . After the death of his father, he founded a confectionery in Paris in 1784 . Even at that time he was concerned with the question of how to make food permanently durable. In 1796 he sold the confectionary and set up a test workshop in Ivry-sur-Seine . In 1804 he founded the world's first canning factory. In 1810 he was awarded a prize for his method of conservation by the French Minister of the Interior. The price was linked to the condition that the method be published in a book. Appert then wrote the epoch-making work Livre de tous les ménages, ou l'art de conserver . His method of preserving food by heating and excluding air in glass containers , known today as preserving or preserving , he developed further and from 1812 onwards he used tinplate cans that he had got to know in England. In 1827 he made condensed milk for the first time.

  • A room in the Museum of Art and Archeology of Châlons-en-Champagne is dedicated to him (Jean Paul Barbier and AINA collection, details of objects online on the website of the International Association Nicolas Appert).


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