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Niles Eldredge (born August 25, 1943 ) is an American paleontologist . Along with Stephen Jay Gould he introduced in 1972, the theory of punctuated equilibrium (English punctuated equilibrium ) for discussion, a variant of the theory of evolution , which assumes that the evolution of species does not run continuously but long in an alternating phases of stability with short rapid development thrusts .

Eldredge studied anthropology at Columbia University in New York, where he received his PhD in 1969. While still a student, Eldredge did research at the American Museum of Natural History , where he is now the curator of the invertebrate department . Eldredge is an Associate Professor of Paleontology in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department of the City University of New York . Eldredge's specialty is the evolution of the phacopids , an order of trilobites of the middle ages .

In 1979 he was awarded the Charles Schuchert Award from the Paleontological Society .

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