NkNb 4-7

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Vicinal Railway Nagy Kikinda – Nagy Becskerek 4–7 / MÁV XIIk / MÁV class 383
Numbering: Vicinal railway Nagy Kikinda – Nagy Becskerek 4–7
MÁV XIIk 5641–5644
MÁV XIIk 6641–6644
MÁV 383.001–004
Number: 4th
Manufacturer: Web
Year of construction (s): 1891-1892
Axis formula : C n2t
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Length over buffers: 8,367 mm
Height: 3,050 mm
Fixed wheelbase: 3,100 mm
Total wheelbase: 3,100 mm
Empty mass: 22.4 t
Service mass: 29.5 t
Friction mass: 29.5 t
Top speed: 40 km / h
Driving wheel diameter: 1,200 mm
Number of cylinders: 2
Boiler overpressure: 9.0 atm

The NkNb 4-7 were tank locomotives of the Vicinalbahn Nagy Kikinda - Nagy Becskerek (NkNb).

Apparently the first delivered small tank locomotives NkNb 1–3 were not very satisfactory in terms of performance. The NkNb therefore ordered four stronger tank locomotives from the StEG locomotive factory , which were delivered in 1891 and 1892. The machines were compared to the car numbers 1-3, larger wheels , could be so admitted as h speed 40 km /. The steam dome sat on the first boiler shot, the sandom on the second. The vehicles were given the road numbers 4–7.

In the course of nationalization , the NkNb steam locomotives came to the Hungarian State Railways MÁV , which they classified as Category XIIk initially with the operating numbers 5641–5644, later as 6641–6644. From 1911 the locomotives formed the 383 series.


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