North Bohemia

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Places and rivers in North Bohemia
St. Stephen's Cathedral in Litoměřice with Hazmburk in the background

Northern Bohemia (Czech: Severní Čechy ) is a landscape in the north of the Czech Republic .


Northern Bohemia includes the present-day NUTS regional unit CZ04 Severozápad and the western part of the regional unit CZ05 Severovýchod . From the point of view of the administrative structure , Northern Bohemia consists of the administrative units Liberecký kraj and Ústecký kraj . Occasionally, the Karlovarský kraj in the west of the Czech Republic is also included.

In German usage, the part of the Sudetenland in the north of the Czech Republic between Karlsbad in the west and the Giant Mountains in the east, which was once predominantly populated by Germans, is often referred to as Northern Bohemia .

Historical administrative unit

Severní Čechy administrative unit

In the administrative structure of Czechoslovakia , the Severočeský kraj existed from 1960 to 1990, consisting of today's regions of Ústí nad Labem and parts of the Liberec region .

The borders only roughly coincided with the North Bohemian diocese of Litoměřice, established in 1655 .

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