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The coat of arms of the North Frisians
The North Frisian flag

In the broader sense, North Frisians are the inhabitants of the North Frisia district in Schleswig-Holstein . In a narrower sense, it is the ethnic group of the Frisians who live in North Frisia and Heligoland .

This ethnic group still partly uses the different dialects of the North Frisian language , which belongs to the group of Gingwaean languages. This language is particularly protected by the Schleswig-Holstein state constitution and by the Friisk Gesäts (German: Frisian law ).

North Frisians are considered an autochthonous minority in Germany . In Germany it is assumed that there are around 50,000 members of the Frisian ethnic group in North Frisia and on Heligoland, of whom around 10,000 still speak one of the North Frisian dialects. Around 1400 schoolchildren in the Nordfriesland district and on Helgoland take part in Frisian lessons (as of 2012).

The Frisians emigrated to the later around the year 800 Duchy of Schleswig belonging Uthlande one. At first they only settled the present islands, in a second wave of immigration around 1100 they also settled the adjacent coastal strip between the rivers Eider and Vidå (German: Wiedau) on today's German-Danish border.

The colors gold-red-blue have, like the coat of arms of the North Frisians, which is not identical to that of the district of North Friesland, due to the Friisk Gesäts official status.

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