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Notation is the naming of objects by holding ( qualitative and quantitative representation) of things and movement processes in written form with agreed symbolic signs .

The lack of a notation sometimes makes it impossible to convey or grasp a sequence of actions or a more complex context briefly and clearly. “Sender” and “receiver” practically use the same notation.

Simple examples

  • In music, notation means the recording of a piece of music by means of notes; see notation (music) .
  • A, T, G, C is the notation for the genetic code
  • The international standard notation for the date and time ( ISO 8601 ) is YYYY-MM-DD and hh: mm: ss (e.g. 1995-02-04 23:59:59) ( date format )
  • Q groups in radio communication ( Q key )

Each coded instruction that is defined with symbols is a notation in the broader sense. Definitions of this kind can be found in many specialist areas. There is no generally valid notation if one has not yet agreed on an economic method of representation in an area to describe the corresponding relationships. Examples of this are seaman's knots - there is no generally valid code system (= notation) with which one can describe the knotting of all possible knots.

Scientific notation

Technical systems

  • The Whyte notation is an American system for designating the type of locomotive
  • In computer science and related areas of information management or process management, modeling languages enable software developers, system analysts or system architects to define the requirements for an organizational system or a software system as well as its structures and internal processes at a higher level. These languages ​​try to make a specification as understandable as possible for management, users and other parties involved by displaying it in diagram form using standardized notations.


Notation in culture, games and sports

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