Nuclear solid state physics

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The nuclear solid state physics is a partial region of Experimental Physics , wherein the nuclear physics are used measurement methods to properties of solids to be examined. Their measurement methods cover a wide range of different effects. On the one hand, radioactive isotopes are used whose nuclear radiation is measured. On the other hand, stable isotopes are investigated through the interaction of the nucleus with electromagnetic radiation or particle radiation . What all these methods have in common is that properties or interactions of the atomic nucleus are used for the measurement.

In research, the measurement methods of nuclear solid-state physics are used by solid-state physics and solid-state chemistry to e.g. B. Obtain information about the local structure in crystals. Selected radioactive isotopes are used as measuring probes, which are used in special facilities such as B. ISOLDE at CERN . Other methods use particle radiation to study scattering or nuclear reactions. Depending on the specific method, this allows qualitative measurements of element concentrations up to the measurement of quantitative depth distributions.

Measurement methods of nuclear solid state physics

Basically, methods can be divided into macroscopic and atomic-microscopic methods. Macroscopic methods refer to effects that e.g. B. are averaged over an entire crystal lattice, such as. B. neutron diffraction . Atomic microscopic methods refer to the local structure around the probe atom. The effect is spatially very limited and can, for example, also be measured in isolated molecules.

Macroscopic methods:

Atomic microscopic methods:

Core physical measurement methods are also used in medicine:


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