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Nourida Gadirova Ateshi

Nurida Gadirova Ateshi or Nourida Ateshi is the stage name of Nurida Gadirova (born August 22, 1965 in Oğuz , Azerbaijani SSR ). She is an Azerbaijani author and prehistorian and has lived in Berlin since 1995 .


Nuridə Gadirova Atəşi studied from 1982 to 1985 in Baku at the University of Culture and Social Pedagogy . She then studied from 1985 to 1989 at the "University of Culture and Art" in Baku and graduated with a diploma as a cultural scientist. In 2001 she was at the University of Culture and Art in Moscow in professional education doctorate . With her appointment as a qualified historian, after passing the state examination in history at the Historical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences with magna cum laude, she changed her professional and scientific orientation in history and archeology.

She wrote poetry early on . In 1983 she won a Grand Prix for the 850th anniversary of Nezami Ganjawi (1141–1209) and in 1985 first prize in a reading competition with works by the poet S. Vurgun. Her open and liberal orientation with feminist and erotic poems as well as socially critical comments led to a publication ban in the hierarchical society of Azerbaijan. She published texts and poems under the pseudonym Atəşi (the “fiery one”).

The situation of women in Azerbaijan, the strict patriarchal orientation towards rule and power, the lack of individual freedom and the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh are important for her work .

She writes, writes, researches and translates. Her work has appeared in Azerbaijani, German, English, Persian, Russian and Turkish. Nuridə Atəşi received the highest literary media prize in Azerbaijan, the “Golden Pen”, for her works. She has published 18 books so far. Several of her poems have been included in the German-language anthology "Prose and Poetry of Our Time" (published by Karin Fischer Verlag). Her works have been cataloged by the Leipzig National Library. Nuridə Atəşi is chairman of the Institute for Caucasus Research, initially under the name Gencevi Institute for Azerbaijani Culture in Germany. She has been a member of the international writers' association PEN since 2011 .

Research work

As director of the Institute for Caucasus Research, Atəşi has been researching the Caucasian Amazons since 1996. It is based primarily on recent archaeological discoveries that lead to a re-evaluation of historical and ethnological works. Atəşi conducted research trips through the Caucasus, participated in excavations, conducted field research and worked in museums, archives and magazines.

Many Caucasian and European scientists have been skeptical about the existence of the Caucasian Amazons until now. You mostly see this as a Greek myth.

Since 2011 Nuridə Atəşi has been researching the prehistory of the South Caucasus in the late Bronze and early Iron Ages as a post-doctoral student at the Institute of Archeology and Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Her post-doctoral thesis deals with the place of women in the warrior history of Azerbaijan in the second to first millennium BC, presented on the basis of archaeological finds. Her focus is on the central South Caucasian Chodschaly-Gedebey culture , on Caucasian cultural assets in European museums and the German history of archeology in the Caucasus. Nurid 2015 Atəşi has been a lecturer and coordinator for international relations at the Khazar University in Baku since February 2015 .

She completed her habilitation in Baku in 2016. The topic of the habilitation thesis was: “The role of women in the war history of Azerbaijan in the second and first millennium BC. BC (based on archaeological materials) ”; She was looked after by I. Babayev. By resolution of the dissertation council, this habilitation thesis was accepted and recommended for defense. Because of her publications in Azerbaijan and other western countries, in which she subjected nationalist and Islamic-oriented scholars to a critical analysis, the defense process was stopped and could not be pursued further.

In 2018 Atəşi received his habilitation at the University of Lyon II in France (Habilitation de Direction de Recherches). The title of the habilitation thesis is: "The Southern Cauksus in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages using the example of the Khodschaly-Gedebey culture in Azerbaijan (1300-700 BC), proposals for a definition and its dissemination". The supervisor was Michèle Casanova .


She has published 20 books and 300 publications on literature, culture, education, archeology and history. She published 40 publications, four monographs and a university textbook on archeology alone. She publishes in five languages: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, English and German.

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