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Mehmet Fıstık (born July 13, 1944 in Muğla , Turkey ; † August 18, 2009 in Trier ) was a Turkish-born mime artist , director and theater pedagogue .

Since 1970 fistik lived in Germany and was initially to Cologne Experimentiertheater of Signe Piehler . In 1976 he founded his well-known theater that moves , to which a pantomime school is affiliated today. Fıstık was also the founder of the Cologne Atelier - Theater (1981), which he directed until 1997. At this time, artists such as Harald Schmidt , Dirk Bach , Tom Gerhardt and Helge Schneider also performed at Fıstık.

Especially in the 1980s Fıstık also had appearances on television, regularly on the WDR broadcast WWF Club , which was moderated by Jürgen von der Lippe , among others . Fıstık also had one of his last TV appearances in the program Extreme Activity (from 2006).

The theater director was the author of numerous pantomime plays and programs and a material folder for the project "Pantomime as a children's theater in schools" (1987). An autobiography of the mime appeared under the title Collected Silence .


  • I can't allow myself to just do the things that I enjoy doing. That's why I enjoy everything I do.
  • I have already integrated many Germans.

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