Extreme activity

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Television broadcast
Original title Extreme activity
Country of production Germany
Year (s) 2006-2007
Constantin Entertainment GmbH
  • Saturdays (2006)
  • Tuesdays (2006 to 2007)
genre Game show
Theme music Puff Daddy - Come With Me
  • Jürgen von der Lippe
  • First broadcast July 15, 2006 on ProSieben

    Extreme Activity was a game show produced by Constantin Entertainment and broadcast on ProSieben from July 15, 2006 to September 3, 2007 . Extreme Activity was broadcast on Saturdays until November 25, 2006 . As of December 5, 2006, the game show was broadcast on Tuesdays at 8:15 pm. The show was moderated by Jürgen von der Lippe .

    Originally, seven episodes were to be broadcast during the summer break, but due to the good ratings ProSieben announced after the third episode that the show would be extended until autumn 2006.

    The show was suspended in 2007 due to falling ratings.

    Rules of the game

    The format is based on the successful parlor game Activity . Six celebrities each play in three teams. They play different games from the parlor game of the same name and have to “ verbally paraphrase ”, “ pantomime ” or “ paint ” different terms within 90 seconds . A random number generator decides which variant is played before each round. This has been expanded to include the point " Extreme ". In this game round, the terms must be explained in two minutes under special circumstances. For the extra effort of the player, extreme games earn twice as many points as normal games.

    At the end there is the final, in which two players have to guess terms within two minutes that the remaining four players explain to them. For each correct answer, the team that guessed the term receives three points.


    season 1

    The first season ran from July 15, 2006 to August 26, 2006 on Saturdays at 8:15 pm. It comprised seven episodes.

    Men's team Women team Broadcast date
    episode 1 Wigald Boning , Oliver Petszokat , Georg Uecker Janine Kunze , Verona Pooth , Sandy Mölling July 15, 2006
    Episode 2 Wigald Boning, Simon Gosejohann , citizen Lars Dietrich Janine Kunze, Verona Pooth, Annemarie Warnkross
    Episode 3 Wigald Boning, Ingo Oschmann , Oliver Petszokat Janine Kunze, Verona Pooth, Lucy Diakovska
    Episode 4 Wigald Boning, Elton , Ingo Appelt Janine Kunze, Gülcan Karahancı , Lucy Diakovska August 5, 2006
    Episode 5 Wigald Boning, Elton, Georg Uecker Janine Kunze, Verona Pooth, Ruth Moschner August 12, 2006
    Episode 6 Wigald Boning, citizens of Lars Dietrich, Markus Majowski Janine Kunze, Verona Pooth, Caroline Beil August 19, 2006
    Episode 7 Wigald Boning, Dirk Bach , Markus Maria Profitlich Janine Kunze, Gülcan Karahancı, Charlotte Engelhardt August 26, 2006

    season 2

    The second season ran from September 2, 2006 to November 11, 2006 on Saturdays at 8:15 pm. It consisted of six episodes.

    Men's team Women team Broadcast date
    Episode 8 Ingo Oschmann, Smudo , Giovanni Zarrella Verona Pooth, Miriam Pielhau, Jana Ina September 2, 2006
    Episode 9 Wigald Boning, Elton, Oliver Petszokat Verona Pooth, Collien Fernandes , Annemarie Warnkross September 9, 2006
    Episode 10 Wigald Boning, Til Schweiger , Heiner Lauterbach Verona Pooth, Sonya Kraus, Heike Drechsler September 16, 2006
    Episode 11 Oliver Petszokat, Thomas Heinze , Uwe Ochsenknecht Verona Pooth, Jana Ina, Bärbel Schäfer October 14, 2006
    Episode 12 Wigald Boning, Kai Böcking , Elton Verona Pooth, Britt Hagedorn, Sonja Zietlow October 28, 2006
    Episode 13 Oliver Petszokat, Thomas Heinze, Citizen Lars Dietrich Verona Pooth, Bärbel Schäfer, Alida Lauenstein November 11, 2006

    season 3

    The third season ran from December 5, 2006 to February 27, 2007 on Tuesdays at 8:15 pm. It comprised twelve episodes.

    Men's team Women team Broadcast date
    Episode 14 Oliver Petszokat, Elton, Wigald Boning Verona Pooth, Jeanette Biedermann , Britt Hagedorn December 5, 2006
    Episode 15 Wigald Boning, Heiner Lauterbach , Til Schweiger Verona Pooth, Jeanette Biedermann, Mirjam Weichselbraun December 12, 2006
    Episode 16 Wigald Boning, Elton, Citizen Lars Dietrich Miriam Pielhau , Claudia Pechstein, Verona Pooth December 19, 2006
    Episode 17 Bernhard Hoëcker, Wigald Boning, Oliver Petszokat Miriam Pielhau, Sandy Mölling , Hella von Sinnen January 2, 2007
    Episode 18 Elton, Smudo, Wigald Boning Charlotte Engelhardt , Johanna Klum , Verona Pooth January 9, 2007
    Episode 19 Bernd Stelter , Wigald Boning, citizen Lars Dietrich Charlotte Engelhardt, Verona Pooth, Ruth Moschner January 16, 2007
    Episode 20 Elton, Jan Josef Liefers , Wigald Boning Carolina Beil, Verona Pooth, Anna Loos January 23, 2007
    Episode 21 Bernhard Hoëcker, Oliver Petszokat, Wigald Boning Sandy Mölling, Gülcan Karahancı, Johanna Klum January 30, 2007
    Episode 22 Uwe Ochsenknecht, Dirk Bach, citizen Lars Dietrich Bärbel Schäfer, Tamara Sedmak , Verona Pooth February 6, 2007
    Episode 23 Wigald Boning, citizen Lars Dietrich, Ingo Oschmann Jana Ina Zarrella, Verona Pooth, Charlotte Engelhardt February 13, 2007
    Episode 24 Wigald Boning, Matthias Opdenhövel , Jan Josef Liefers Verona Pooth, Johanna Klum, Claudia Pechstein February 20, 2007
    Episode 25 Dirk Bach, Oliver Petszokat, Uwe Ochsenknecht Bärbel Schäfer, Verona Pooth, Anja Kling February 27, 2007

    Season 4

    The fourth season ran from March 6, 2007 to May 22, 2007 on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. The special thing about the season is that women did not play against men as before, but teams competed against each other, for example from shows or broadcasts. It comprised eleven episodes.

    Team 1 Team 2 Broadcast date
    Episode 26 Monrose with Senna Guemmour , Mandy Capristo , Bahar Kızıl Popstars jury with Dieter Falk , Detlef D! Soost , Nina Hagen March 6, 2007
    Episode 27 Switch reloaded with Susanne Pätzold , Michael Müller , Bernhard Hoëcker Top model jury with Boris Entrup , Peyman Amin, Bruce Darnell March 13, 2007
    Episode 28 Stromberg with Christoph Maria Herbst , Diana Staehly , Oliver K. Wnuk In addition, with Hugo Egon Balder , Hella von Sinnen , Bernhard Hoëcker March 20, 2007
    Episode 29 Stromberg with Christoph Maria Herbst, Diana Staehly, Oliver K. Wnuk In addition, with Hugo Egon Balder, Hella von Sinnen, Bernhard Hoëcker March 27, 2007
    Episode 30 Team Austria with Christian Clerici , Toni Polster , Mirjam Weichselbraun Switch reloaded with Susanne Pätzold, Michael Müller, Bernhard Hoëcker April 3, 2007
    Episode 31 US5 with Christoph ("Chris") Watrin, Michael ("Mikel") Johnson, Jay Khan Pop divas with Sandy Mölling , Jeanette Biedermann , Nina Hagen April 10, 2007
    Episode 32 ProSieben fairy tale hour with Johanna Klum , Hennes Bender , Simon Gosejohann Wild guys with Uwe Ochsenknecht , Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht , Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht April 17, 2007
    Episode 33 Sat.1 with Ingo Oschmann , Britt Hagedorn , Guido Cantz ProSieben with Elton , Stefan Gödde , Charlotte Engelhardt April 24, 2007
    Episode 34 Moderators with Johanna Klum , Miriam Pielhau , Annabelle Mandeng Comedy with Sven Nagel , Matze Knop , Ingo Appelt May 8, 2007
    Episode 35 Intelligence bombs with Sonya Kraus , Sonja Zietlow , Eva Habermann TV researcher with Wigald Boning , Barbara Eligmann , Daniel Aminati May 15, 2007
    Episode 36 Moderators with Sonya Kraus, Sonja Zietlow, Margarethe Schreinemakers Lindenstrasse with Andrea Spatzek , Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum , Moritz Zielke May 22, 2007

    Season 5

    After the end of the fourth season (May 22, 2007) Extreme Activity went into an early summer break. The fifth season ran from August 27, 2007 to September 3, 2007 on Mondays at 9:15 p.m. After the second episode, the broadcast was canceled because the ratings were too bad. It comprised seven episodes.

    Team 1 Team 2 Broadcast date
    Episode 37 Top model jury with Boris Entrup, Peyman Amin , Bruce Darnell Top model finalists with Hana Nitsche , Barbara Meier , Anni Wendler August 27, 2007
    Episode 38 Ingeniously alongside with Hugo Egon Balder , Hella von Sinnen , Guido Cantz Switch with Peter Nottmeier , Petra Nadolny , Maximilian Giermann September 3, 2007

    Extreme rounds

    • Looping-Bike: ("Tortur De Force" or "Gastric Juice Press"): The player sits on a bicycle that is attached to a looping construction and that turns over again and again. In the meantime he has to try to verbally paraphrase terms.
    • Hung upside down on a rope, the player has to draw the terms to be guessed.
    • Double pantomime: The terms must be explained using a teammate from the opposing team. According to Jürgen von der Lippe, the teammate becomes “wax” in the player's hands.
    • Sing-Spiel: The player must sing the explanations of terms as improvised text to the melody of a well-known song (for example “ Marmor, Stein und Eisen breaks ”), accompanied by Jürgen von der Lippe on the guitar or in the POPSTARS-Spezial by Dieter Falk on the keyboard .
    • Song Gargling: The player has to take a sip of water and try to gargle simple songs to be guessed.
    • Tango: The player explains terms while being guided by a professional tango dancer.
    • Wrestling: The player is involved in a kind of match by two wrestlers and also pushed around by them while having to explain terms orally.
    • Super Soaker: The player has to explain the terms while several children, who appear as rockers with sunglasses and leather clothes, are vehemently attacked with large water pistols.
    • Water bombs: The player must explain the terms while being pelted with water bombs by several children who appear as rockers with sunglasses and leather jackets. These are sometimes also filled with color.
    • Helium game: Not the player, but the other two teammates have to inhale helium from balloons, and an answer is only valid if spoken in a raised voice.
    • Centrifugal wheel ("cosmonaut top"): The player has to explain terms, while he is clamped in an aero trim, a device developed for space travel consisting of three movable rings that can be rotated simultaneously around the transverse, longitudinal and vertical axis.
    • "Extreme Vocaling": Jürgen von der Lippe holds up a vowel, and the terms can then only be described with this vowel. This means that every other vowel must be replaced by the specific vowel (comparable to the song Three Chinese with the Double Bass ).
    • "Extreme consonanting": Jürgen von der Lippe holds up a different consonant for each term, and the player now has to replace the original consonant with the one shown by Jürgen when explaining the terms for each word that begins with a consonant.
    • "Ladies' Pleasure": Jürgen von der Lippe describes a converted office chair like this. An unbalanced electric motor causes the chair and the person sitting on it to vibrate strongly, making it difficult to speak and concentrate. Meanwhile, of course, terms have to be explained.
    • Horror bouncy castle: The player is fastened in a bouncy castle with a belt and has to start jumping. The longer he hops up and down, the higher it throws him into the air. Meanwhile he has to try to verbally paraphrase terms.
    • The "knight armor": The player is put into a clattering knight armor and must try to pantomime terms, made difficult by the restricted freedom of movement.
    • The "Egyptian Mummy": The player is wrapped up like a mummy and must then pantomime the terms.
    • The jumping sheet: A player steps into a jumping sheet that is held by at least 13 firefighters and has to rewrite terms. To make it difficult for the player, the jumping sheet is violently moved up and down so that the player flies up.
    • The horizontal bar: The two raters have to hang on a horizontal bar and guess terms. Those who can no longer hold their own and fall down are no longer allowed to guess. This can mean an early end of the round if both counselors can no longer hold on to the pole.
    • The big meal: The player is put food into his mouth by an opponent sitting behind him and has to try to explain terms.
    • Dialect: The player has to explain the term in different dialects.
    • Russian dance: The player is led by members of a dance group that dances Russian dances and must try to verbally describe terms.
    • Cheer Leader: The player is led by members of a cheer leader group who do their typical dances and has to try to explain terms.
    • Cake fight: While the player is thrown cakes in the face by the opposing team, he must try to verbally explain as many terms as possible.
    • Rapping: The explanations of the terms are raped by the player.
    • Floating pantomime: The player floats in the air using a climbing harness that is tied to the ceiling with a rope and must try to pantomime terms. This is made even more difficult by the fact that the opposing team is also allowed to push the man floating in the air.
    • The stand-up man: The player is put into a life-size stand-up man and has to try to verbally describe as many terms as possible while being pushed around.
    • Word import: The player must incorporate terms into his explanation, which another player from the opposing team shows, and explain the respective previously given term.
    • The player is put on "concrete gloves" and "concrete shoes", with which he then has to mime around terms.
    • Exchange of words: The player does not explain the terms himself, but tries to guess them, because the other two team members take on this task together. Each of the two is only allowed to say one word at a time, and alternately, and they have to try to come up with explanations that are as useful as possible, which can be quite difficult because they don't always have the same sentences in mind.
    • Bull riding : The player has to sit on an artificial bull that moves wildly through the area while trying to paraphrase as many words as possible.
    • Stacking: The player has to explain terms, but at the same time build a tower out of beer crates. He hangs on the outside of this tower and at the same time has to climb higher and higher.
    • Rope jumping: the player has to explain, but also jump at the same time while two assistants swing the rope.
    • Against the wind: the player has to explain terms while this is made difficult by a rather powerful leaf blower aimed at the candidate.
    • Extreme jumping: The candidate has to jump very high with the help of a device. He has to explain terms.
    • Tug of war: The player has to explain terms while his two teammates are tug of war against a group of children. As soon as the children draw the two word guessers over a red line, the game is over instantly.
    • Song title pantomime: The player must try to explain song titles pantomime.
    • Ball rolling: The player must try to explain terms while locked in a steel ball that is rolled back and forth by three assistants.
    • Fairy tale mime: The player must try to mime the names of fairy tales.
    • Movie title pantomime: The player must try to pantomime movie titles.
    • Kangaroo boxes: The player has to explain terms while in huge plastic gloves he has to fight an assistant - disguised as a kangaroo.
    • Shaking chair: The player must try to verbally paraphrase terms while sitting in an armchair that is moving rapidly back and forth all the time.
    • Mental arithmetic: Before the player can begin to explain a term, he must always solve a small arithmetic problem correctly.
    • Dirty Dancing: The player must try to explain terms while in the famous lifting figure of Dirty Dancing.

    Background information

    • Except for the episodes on January 30, 2007 and February 27, 2007, in which the women's team won, the men's team was always one step ahead.
    • Extreme Activity was an essential part of the “Show Saturday” at ProSieben. According to ProSieben, the restructuring of the Saturday evening program was carried out in order to "get back to old strengths ".
    • In January 2007, their own "Extreme Activity" parlor game came onto the market. The manufacturer is " Piatnik ".
    • The music, which is played over and over again, comes from the American rapper Puff Daddy and is called Come With Me , a cover version of the Led Zeppelin title “Kashmir”.
    • An offshoot has been running on Hungarian television since September 14, 2016. In the credits it is noted that it is based on the German format.


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