Senior Director of Studies

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career in the civil service
Official title , downgrade
Academic Council A 13 (Z)
Senior teacher A 14
Director of Studies A 15
Senior Director of Studies A 16

Oberstudiendirektor ( OStD ) is an official title for civil servants in higher education in Germany . The office holders are grouped in grade A 16 .

The Headmaster provides in schools to schools , comprehensive schools , vocational schools and Studienseminare the third and highest grade post after the appointment to the teacher . The first carriage office is Oberstudienrat , the second study director . Traditionally, an OStD is the head of a grammar school.

Promotion and application

The transport to the headmaster is, with few exceptions, with the appointment as headmaster joined a school with a minimum size or the leader of a study seminar for teachers at high schools or vocational schools. Applicants should have in-depth experience at management level in the school sector, for example as a permanent representative of the school principal, department head of a school or school inspector, e.g. B. as a professional advisor. Formally, however, all teachers in grades A 13, A 14 and A 15 can apply. In the case of a selection from the lower salary groups, there is no jump promotion to A 16, but each promotion office with its corresponding waiting times is passed through in ascending order one after the other. The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia is an exception , as it allows jump transports.

The positions for senior degree directors, like all positions, are advertised. In the application process, applicants must qualify for this position in terms of suitability, performance and ability in accordance with Article 33 of the Basic Law . In some federal states, applicants also have to present themselves to the responsible school and school administration committee, which in some cases has the right to propose the position. The final decision on filling the position is made by the supervisor; in some countries, the approval of the school authority is also required.