Senior Student Council (Germany)

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career in the civil service
Official title , downgrade
Academic Council A 13 (Z)
Senior teacher A 14
Director of Studies A 15
Senior Director of Studies A 16

Oberstudienrat ( OStR ) is an official title in the school service in Germany . As a civil servant , he belongs to the higher service and is paid according to salary group A 14 . A comparable official title of the public service in the administration is the Oberregierungsrat .

In the higher education service ( grammar schools , comprehensive schools and vocational schools ), the senior university council is the first promotion office after being appointed to the university council . While up until the 1980s this promotion usually took place automatically as a regular promotion after a certain period of service, it is now included in almost all federal states the assumption of additional tasks in the management or administration of the school. Which tasks these are depends on the employer or the supervisor, typical examples are senior level advisors, technical advisors or course managers at a vocational college. The tasks of a class teacher , however, do not define any functional position.

In the run-up to promotion to the senior university council, an application process is carried out to which interested university councilors can apply. The supervisor determines in advance evaluation criteria such as class visits, didactic elaborations or an oral examination for the future office, on the basis of which the suitability of the applicants is to be assessed. In some federal states, senior university council positions are referred to as functional positions ; in other places, middle school management is also used. Functional positions are positions with a management function, which the senior university council does not hold in all federal states.

In 2014 about 20 percent of civil servants in the higher education service were senior students. In the years that followed, the rate was reduced significantly as part of austerity measures. The next higher promotion office is the director of studies .

Deviations in the state of Bavaria

In Bavaria , the appointment as senior teacher at both grammar schools and vocational schools is still a functionless promotion; However, this is not a regular promotion, as promotion with a poor assessment is excluded. With the worst grade, even advancement to the next level is blocked. According to the Bavarian Achievement Career Act (LlbG), there is no entitlement to promotion to A 14 and only takes place if appropriate positions are available in the household. Thus, the academic councilors compete with their achievements for a promotion to the senior student council. The corresponding designation for permanent teachers at a public school in Bavaria is senior student councilor in employment (OStR i. BV) , at a private school senior student councilor in private school service (OStR iP) or at a church school as a church official senior student councilor in church service (OStR iK) .

Individual evidence

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