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The Oculum-Verlag is one in Erlangen -based publishing house, which is on German-language publications for amateur astronomers has specialized. The publishing house was founded in 2000 by Ronald Stoyan , who also helped found the magazine interstellarum in 1994 . The publisher's authors include a. Wolfgang Steinicke, member of the Royal Astronomical Society and Stefan Seip, member of the international photography association The World At Night . A lead author is Ronald Stoyan.

In addition to several magazines, including the now discontinued Astronomy Adventure , the successor to interstellarum , the publisher offers atlases, books and software on the subject.

Publishing program

Books (selection)
  • Thomas Jäger: The Starhopper: 20 sky tours for amateur astronomers. 2008, ISBN 978-3-938469-23-1 .
  • Ronald Stoyan, Hans-Georg Purucker: Travel Atlas Moon: Find craters and other moon formations quickly and safely. 2013, ISBN 978-3-938469-64-4 .
  • Ronald Stoyan: Atlas of the Great Comets: The 30 Greatest Comets in Science, Culture and Art. 2013, ISBN 978-3938469-70-5 .
  • Ronald Stoyan, Stephan Schurig: interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas . 2013, ISBN 978-3938469613 .
  • Ronald Stoyan: Telescope driver's license in 4 steps . 7th edition, 2015, ISBN 978-3-938469-81-1 .
  • Ronald Stoyan: Deep Sky Travel Guide Discover star clusters, nebulae and galaxies with your own eyes. 5th, verb. 2014 edition, ISBN 978-3-938469-72-9 .
  • The astronomical year: week after week, data and graphics for your own observation of the stars. 2007-2008, ZDB -ID 2376155-6 .
  • Celestial Almanac…: astronomical events week after week. 2015 ff., ZDB -ID 2799387-5 .
  • interstellarum: the magazine for practical astronomy. 1994-2016, ZDB ID 1400450-1 , ISSN  0946-9915 . Since 2016 under the title Adventure Astronomy. ZDB -ID 2847234-2 , ISSN  2366-3944 .

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