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Oliver Walter Mischa Rauhut (born September 30, 1969 ) is a German vertebrate paleontologist .


Rauhut grew up in Aachen . He graduated in 1995 a study of geology / paleontology at the Free University of Berlin with the diploma from. From 1996 to 1999 he enrolled at the University of Bristol in David Unwin his dissertation and was in May 2000 his doctorate . Since 2004 Rauhut has been working as curator for lower vertebrates at the Bavarian State Collection for Paleontology and Geology in Munich . In addition, he has been a private lecturer at the University of Munich since 2007 .

His research area is the Mesozoic land vertebrate fauna , especially the evolution of dinosaurs . Rauhut described , also as a co-author , several dinosaurs, including the theropods Aviatyrannis , Condorraptor , Sciurumimus , Wiehenvenator , Suchomimus , Xinjiangovenator and the sauropod Brachytrachelopan , as well as the primeval bird Alcmonavis and Asfaltomylos , the first fossil mammal found in South America during the Jurassic period .

Rauhut is married and has two children.


Scientific publications (selection)

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