Lesser omentum

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Epigastrium in situ, anterior edge of the liver pulled up. The position of the omentum minus can be seen.
Graphic from Gray's Anatomy

The minus omentum (Latin for small network ) is a structure of the peritoneum and lies between the stomach and the initial section of the duodenum and the porta hepatica . It is divided into two sections - the liver-gastric ligament ( ligamentum hepatogastricum ) and the liver-duodenal ligament ( ligamentum hepatoduodenale ). The lesser omentum delimits the vestibule bursae omentalis ventrally .


The hepatogastric ligament is inverted between the lesser curvature ( curvatura minor ) of the stomach ( Gaster ) and the liver ( Hepar ). It is the larger part of the small network and is divided into a dense part ( pars densa ) located directly on the small curvature and a transparent part ( pars flaccida ).

The hepatoduodenal ligament is the section of the lesser omentum between the liver and the duodenum ( duodenum ). The ductus choledochus ( bile duct ) runs ventrally in the structure, the arteria hepatica propria ( liver artery ) in the middle and the portal vein ( vena portae hepatis ) dorsally . These structures are collectively referred to as the conduction path triad . Under the hepatoduodenal ligament is the omentale foramen , the only natural access to the omental bursa .

The ligamentum hepatooesophageale refers to those fibers of the lesser omentum that run between the liver ( hepar ) and between the abdominal part ( pars abdominalis ) of the esophagus ( esophagus ).


The lesser omentum develops embryonically from the mesohepaticum dorsale (part of the mesogastrium ventral). The embryonic torsion of the stomach causes it to lie to the right of the stomach. The lower free end (ligamentum hepatoduodenale) of the lesser omentum corresponds to the caudal free end of the ventral meso .


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