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Johannes Gustav Friedrich Steudel (born March 9, 1901 in Ronneburg (Thuringia) , † May 31, 1973 in Bonn ) was a German medical historian.


After the Realgymnasium Reichenbach Johannes Steudel attended the Nikolaischule in Leipzig from 1912 , which he graduated in 1920. He then studied archeology , art history , philosophy and German at the Universities of Leipzig and Königsberg . With a dissertation on Hadrian's Villa , he received his doctorate in classical archeology on August 14, 1923 in Königsberg and then received an assistant position at the local archaeological institute. After training at Koehler & Volckmar , Steudel worked as a scientific bookseller on behalf of foreign libraries from 1926. In July 1935 he voluntarily completed four months of military training. In 1936, he began in Leipzig, a medical school , which he graduated in 1940 ( approval on 15 March and promotion for Dr. med. On June 26, 1941). During this time he was a member of the German student body . In the meantime he was drafted into the medical service of the Wehrmacht from August 1939 to April 1940, in May 1941 and in August / September 1942 . He then worked as an assistant at the Karl Sudhoff Institute in Leipzig and completed his habilitation on March 15, 1943 in the history of medicine . On December 17, 1943 he was appointed lecturer . In 1937 he joined the NSDAP (No. 4773066), in 1941 the NSD-Ärztebund (No. 36006) and from February 1944 into the NSD-Lecturer Association . He was also a member of the Kyffhäuserbund . As the successor to the retired Karl Schmiz (1877-1946), Steudel took over a teaching position for medical history at the University of Bonn in the winter semester 1943/44 , which appointed him professor in 1957 and rector in 1958/59 . In 1968 he organized the move to the Medical History Institute on the Venusberg, which was built according to his plans . In 1969 he eliminated. In 1952 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina .

Among his students were Gernot Rath and Heinrich Schipperges , who together published the Festschrift Medical History in Spectrum on Steudel’s 65th birthday .


In 1924 Steudel married the actress Luise Glau, who gave birth to his son Andreas Karl Johannes in January 1925. The marriage ended in divorce shortly afterwards. In 1945 Steudel married the dentist Marianne Franzke, with whom he had a daughter.

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