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The Ontos Publishing is a claims to internationally operating publisher for philosophy and mathematical logic with headquarters in Heusenstamm in Offenbach district in Hesse . Distribution centers exist in Ebikon (Switzerland), Paris, Lancaster (Great Britain) and New Brunswick (New Jersey) .

The publishing house was founded on May 1st, 2003 by Rafael Hüntelmann . To date (June 2009) a total of 250 titles have been published, around 70 percent of them in English with a focus on analytical philosophy . The book publications focus on mathematical and philosophical logic and category theory, ontology and metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of science, the history of philosophy with systematic questions, Austrian philosophy and phenomenology , process philosophy , practical philosophy including action theory and metaethics .

Most of the books currently appear in a total of 23 book series, some of which are editorially supervised by well-known German and international representatives of the various disciplines.

Alternatively, the publisher has been offering most of the titles as e-books via the service provider ontoslink.com since 2009 at a significantly reduced price. Since 2011, part of the publishing program has also been offered as a book on demand in the OntosOnDemand program in paperback at a significantly reduced price.

On May 1, 2013 Ontos Verlag was integrated into the Walter de Gruyter publishing group . The Ontos Verlag program at De Gruyter was maintained by Rafael Hüntelmann until 2015.

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