Oskar Keller (linguist)

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Oskar Keller (born June 22, 1889 , † August 4, 1945 ) was a Swiss teacher , linguist and dialect researcher.

life and work

Oskar Keller studied Romance studies in Zurich and Rome and received his doctorate in 1916. He then worked as a French and Italian teacher at the Glarisegg Landerziehungsheim , at the Scuola cantonale di commercio di Bellinzona (1919–1924), at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz (1924–1928) until 1918. and most recently at the Solothurn Cantonal School .

In addition, from 1927 Keller worked for the Swiss Phonogram Archive . In his scientific oeuvre, Keller's Ticino works essentially covered the fifth decade of his life, while the Franco-Provencal works fall into the earlier and later years.  

Keller died with his son on a mountain hike in the Leventina Valley .

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