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Lichen (Graphis scripta)

Lichen ( Graphis scripta )

Sub-kingdom : Dikarya
Department : Ascomycota mushrooms
Subdivision : Real ascent mushrooms (Pezizomycotina)
Class : Lecanoromycetes
Subclass : Ostropomycetidae
Order : Ostropales
Scientific name

The Ostropales are an order of the Ascomycota mushrooms . Many representatives are lichen builders .


The order contains morphologically and ecologically very diverse lichens . The genus Trentepohlia occurs predominantly as a photobiont .


DNA sequence analyzes have shown that the former order Gyalectales lies within the clade of the Ostropales, and is therefore counted among the Ostropales today. Likewise, the representatives of the earlier orders Gomphillales, Graphidales and Trichoteliales are now included in this order. A cladogram looks like this:

  Ostropales 2  












  Ostropales 1  


The families Gomphillaceae and Porinaceae , which also belong to the Ostropales, were not included in the investigation. The position of the Odontotremataceae has not yet been confirmed by phylogenetic studies.

Eriksson 2006 counts the following families (with selected genera and species) to the Ostropales or Gyalectales and Trichoteliales:

The Phlyctidaceae with two genera are still in Eriksson’s Lecanoromycetidae , incertae sedis :



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Individual evidence

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