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Painting in the chapel of Sempach - shows the Baden banner Otto I in the foreground.

Otto I. von Hachberg († July 9, 1386 near Sempach ) was Margrave of Baden-Hachberg from 1369 to 1386 .


Otto von Hachberg came from the Counts of Hachberg , a branch of the House of Baden . From 1369 to 1386 he was the ruling margrave of Baden zu Hachberg. On July 11, 1356, his father pledged the castle and the Hachberg estate to Johann Malterer . At the same time he engaged Otto to his daughter, Elisabeth. So Otto came back into possession of Hachberg Castle and Lordship.

Otto fell on July 9, 1386 on the side of the Habsburgs in the battle of Sempach . He is one of the most important people next to Duke Leopold III. von Habsburg and Johannes von Ochsenstein were buried in the Königsfelden monastery. After his death in 1389 the rule of Hachberg was divided between his two brothers Johann and Hesso .


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