Pedagogical Sociology

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The Educational Sociology is a branch of education and sociology who are social to the theoretical understanding (and less empirical research) Fundamentals of educational concerns.

The subject of research in educational sociology is the human being in a social network and as a social agent in any kind of educational situation, always viewed in interaction with the constantly changing society as a whole. The research is primarily interested in those areas of the educational reality that are exposed to the special influence of expectations and norms of society or are demanded by individual institutions or groups (e.g. school or family ) (in the sense of an educational social event ).

In its development in the first half of the 20th century (especially in the 1920s during the Weimar Republic), educational sociology was particularly focused on issues relating to schools and the teacher-student relationship and, like social education at the time, understood education as social education ; in many cases it was a subject at teacher training colleges .

In more recent publications, pedagogical sociology is occasionally referred to as the sociology of education ( educational sociology ) or sociology of education ( educational sociology ).
In a narrower sense, however, educational sociology is methodologically in contrast to the sociology of education, since educational sociology is operated more on the educational side with a practical and critical interest in knowledge , while the sociology of education, as a descriptive and explanatory discipline, is more subordinate to the empirical understanding of science of sociological research.


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