Pacchionic Granulation

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The Pacchionian granulations are small button-like (avascular) Aussackungen the arachnoid membrane (Arachnoidea) through the outermost meninges (Dura mater) into the venous sinuses . They are used to absorb the cerebral fluid (liquor) .

Synonyms are: arachnoid villi; Arachnoid granulations; Latin Granulationes arachnoideales; Foveolae granulares

The name refers to the first description by Antonio Pacchioni in 1705.

These granulations are predominantly found in the frontal area of ​​the drainage area of ​​the superior sagittal sinus ; if they are of the appropriate size, they can form bony thinning zones , the foveolae granulares . They arise from the age of 12.

They are found in at least 2 out of 3 people on magnetic resonance imaging .

These granulations are important in medical imaging for differentiating from sinus thrombosis , but also from possible extradural masses.

Pacchionic granulations can also be detected in birds .


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