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formerly in Anatolia
speaker extinct


  • Palaic
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ISO 639 -1


ISO 639 -2

ine (other Indo-European languages)

ISO 639-3


Spread of the Anatolian languages ​​during the Bronze Age and Antiquity

The Palaic ( Heth . Palaumnili ) was developed in the 2nd millennium BC. Chr. In northern Anatolia spoken in the region Pala , northwest of the Hittite heartland, and was one of the Anatolian languages , a subgroup of the Indo-European languages . It came no later than the 13th century BC. Chr. Out of use.

Only about 200 words are known in Palaan ritual texts, which are preserved in cuneiform texts in the palace archives of the Hittite capital Ḫattuša .

A characteristic of Palaic was the occurrence of the labial fricative , which is missing in its sister languages , and which is reproduced in cuneiform alternating with pa or wa a , which is attributed to Hattic substratum . The name of the main Pala god Zaparwa is pronounced / Zparfa /.

Individual evidence

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