Park railway in Monarch Park

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Park railway in Monarch Park
Park railroad in Monarch Park in Oil City, Pennsylvania circa 1901
Park railroad in Monarch Park in Oil City ,
Pennsylvania circa 1901
Park Railway Line in Monarch Park
Armitage Herschell steam locomotive in Monarch Park
Gauge : 381 mm ( Liliputbahn )
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The park railroad in Monarch Park was a midget railway with a gauge of 15 inches (381 mm) in Oil City , Pennsylvania circa 1901 .


The park railway was pulled by a steam locomotive that looked like a standard-gauge steam locomotive. The locomotive and its tender were scaled down, but the open passenger cars had no prototype. In addition to the train drivers Charlie Thomas and Dick O'Neil, the short George Hawks was particularly popular with passengers. The trains ran on a circular route with T-shaped rails weighing 4 kg per meter on miniature sleepers.


The midget locomotive was built around 1901 by the Armitage-Herschell Company in North Tonawanda , Niagara County , New York , as park railways became increasingly popular. The locomotives of this manufacturer could pull up to ten passenger cars with seats for 40 children or 20 adults.

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