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A park railway is a narrow-gauge railway or model railway that is intended to be used to transport people within a park or amusement park for a fee. The track gauge ranges (with a few exceptions) from 381 mm (15 inches ) to 610 mm (24 inches / 2  feet ). The passengers can thereby, the size of the rolling stock because, as with a proper railroad in the vehicle be transported sitting. Some of these railways represent a concrete historical model as a model railroad, others are more comparable to a field railway or public narrow-gauge railway. Pathways , d. H. Roads with a railway-like appearance are not park railways.


The Lowa steam locomotive of the Berlin Park Railway in the Hauptbahnhof station
Chemnitz Park Railway in Küchwaldpark
Park railway in Essen's Grugapark

The transition to the smaller garden railroad is fluid. While this is mostly set up in the private sector and represents a form of model railroad , the park railroad focuses on the pleasure ride for everyone. In the case of park railways, there is also not necessarily the requirement to replicate a concrete model in small detail. Park railways are usually firmly built. A track width of 381 mm (15 inches), which is very narrow compared to the track widths of other railways or even narrow-gauge railways , is widespread, and a track width of 600 mm is often found, which is more like a field railway.

All forms of traction can be found, real small steam locomotives , diesel locomotives and electric locomotives with overhead line and accumulator drive are used.

There are also demountable park railways, which are set up as rides - especially for children - at public festivals and are often referred to as children's railways . Legally, park railways in Germany are regarded as non-federally owned railways (provided they are licensed as railways ) or as rides similar to those at a fair (which significantly simplifies approval and operation).

Many park railways travel on a circular route in which it is only possible to get on and off at a single station , some stop at several stations within a circular route or a commuting route, with a uniform fare that is independent of the route in some cases.

Pioneer railways

The term pioneer railway comes from the Eastern Bloc and was used for park railways that were operated by youth organizations like a real railway . The assignment was seen as preparation for the job. The term pioneer railroad instead of the term park railroad should actually only be viewed in a historical context, but is still common in everyday language.

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