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A passport substitute is an identity document that, on its own or with a visa or residence permit, allows you to travel across borders and fulfills some but not all of the functions of a passport .

According to Section 7 of the Passport Ordinance (PassV), the following documents are permitted as passport substitutes for Germans :

  • Identity cards and temporary identity cards,
  • Passes for navigation on the Danube for boatmen and their family members
  • Licenses and crew cards for scheduled and charter flight personnel,
  • ID cards that entitle the holder to cross the border on the basis of the European Convention on the Regulation of the Movement of Persons between the member states of the Council of Europe ,
  • Passes for Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and passes for members and servants of the institutions of the European Communities,
  • ID cards that entitle you to cross the border on the basis of international agreements,
  • ID cards that are issued by the authorities and agencies responsible for police control of cross-border traffic (the name on the official form is travel ID as a passport substitute ),
  • ID cards that only authorize entry into the Federal Republic of Germany (such documents are issued by German diplomatic missions abroad, also bear the designation travel ID as a passport substitute , but have a different form than the ID cards issued at the border) and
  • Return documents that are issued in the event of the loss of passports for the purpose of re-entry into the territory of the European Union by a diplomatic mission of another member state of the European Union if there is no German diplomatic mission on site.

The child's passport is valid according to § 1 para 2 no. 2. Passport Act now - systematically correct - as a "real" form of passport and not in place of passports (see. § 18 para 1 sentence 2 PassV.). Children's ID cards based on the old model, which used to be used as a passport substitute, remain valid for the duration specified therein, but are no longer issued ( Section 18 (1) PassV).

Passport substitute papers for foreigners must be recognized in accordance with Section 3 Paragraph 1 and Section 71 Paragraph 6 of the Residence Act with reference to the respective individual specimen so that they meet the passport requirement; However, if the Federal Republic of Germany has to allow the foreign holder to enter the country with a passport substitute paper (possibly with a visa) according to EU law or agreements, these papers are considered approved according to § 3 Residence Ordinance even without individual recognition.

German passport replacement papers for foreigners are according to § 4 Residence Ordinance:

The exhibition requirements are regulated in §§ 5 ff. Residence Ordinance.

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