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Paul Eduard Richard Sohn , called Richard Sohn (born November 11, 1834 in Düsseldorf , † 1912 ibid), was a German painter .


Richard Sohn was the second son of the painter Karl Ferdinand Sohn and Emilie Auguste (1805–1884), born after Karl Rudolf . von Mülmann, daughter of forester Friedrich Carl Ludwig von Mülmann zu Düsseldorf, sister of the Düsseldorf government councilor Otto von Mülmann .

Richard Sohn finished his school career in 1851 at the “Städtische Realschule” founded in 1838 on Citadellstrasse, today's Humboldt-Gymnasium Düsseldorf . As a scion of the well-known artist family Sohn in Düsseldorf, he first studied with his father. He later belonged to Wilhelm Schadow's master class at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and was a private student of Rudolf Jordan until 1862 , who was married to his mother's youngest sister, Sophie Pauline (1811–1863). In 1867 he made a study trip to Paris . Not uninfluenced by his cousin Wilhelm Sohn , who was also his brother-in-law, he painted appealing genre pictures. He remained loyal to his choice of subjects and his painting style in the style of the Düsseldorf School of Painting and sold many of his works to the USA .

As a member of the artists' association Malkasten , Sohn had earned a great deal of credit as a librarian and was active in the history association in Düsseldorf.

Richard Sohn remained unmarried and around 1870 lived with his mother in the family house at Klosterstrasse 23. Else Rethel-Sohn described his nature as follows: “[M] a brother-in-law Richard was by nature very quiet and inconspicuous, infinitely good, [...] , everyone only knew him as Richard [...]; but he was still popular. ”His twin sister Clara Emilie married the German composer and conductor Albert Dietrich in 1859 . Richard Sohn moved to Jägerhofstrasse in the mid-1870s . Moved from there to support his mother Emilie Auguste on Duisburgerstrasse. and after her death in 1884 she set up at 50 Düsselthalerstraße. Richard Sohn had his studio at 37 Rosenstrasse.

Works (selection)

Playing with baby
  • Late day drink
  • Wandering musician with a crying girl in front of a Marterl , 1862
  • Billing in the country , 1862
  • The old blind violinist and his little daughter , 1862
  • The Antiquarian , 1866
  • The appraiser's visit , 1866
  • Playing with baby , 1869
  • Emigrants (Red Star Line office) , 1876
  • The confession of love , 1879


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