Pavor (band)

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General information
origin Bonn , Germany
Genre (s) Death Metal , Progressive Death Metal , Technical Death Metal
founding 1991
Current occupation
Claudius Schwartz
Armin Rave
Rainer Landfermann
Michael Pelkowsky
former members
Electric guitar
Holger Seebens

Pavor ( lat .: "Fear") is a death metal band from Bonn .


The band emerged from the band Catharsis, which was founded in 1991 and which renamed itself to Pavor after their first demo. In the winter of 1992/93, Pavor went to the BGM studio to record the first professionally produced demo. In the early summer of 1994 they went back to Bernd Gast's studio in Bad Honnef and recorded the debut album A Pale Debilitating Autumn there. At that time Rainer Landfermann sang regularly as a second voice. As a singer he already had experience through his singing with the dark metal band Bethlehem . In 1999, a promotional demo appeared on which only the song Perplexer: Perdition Projectile was included. This song was then published on the Unerhört compilation of the music magazine Rock Hard - the sampler series Unerhört gives music bands without a record deal the opportunity to introduce themselves to a large audience and possibly get a record deal, the selection criteria are primarily high musical quality. Also an underground contest for the music magazine Heavy or what ?! the musicians could decide for themselves with the piece. As winners, they were given the opportunity to open the Bang-Your-Head Festival in Balingen. However, the band remained without a record deal. Nine years after the debut album , Pavor recorded the second album entitled Furioso in Bernd Gast's studio under the direction of producer Armin Rave, which was also self- released. In the meantime, however, a distribution partner has been found in the MDD Records label. The band has existed in an almost unchanged line-up from the start .


The band plays very technical death metal and their style of playing is more reminiscent of jazz music, as the musicians hardly use the metal riffing so typical of metal music , in which the lead guitar is also followed by the other musical instruments, such as the bass but play the instruments independently.

Claudius Schwartz's singing is also particularly striking. The vocals are considered particularly powerful and extreme even by Death Metal standards.

The high musical standards of the band is undisputed, but the self-confident and sometimes perceived as arrogant behavior of the musicians also caused displeasure. In the booklet of “A Pale Debilitating Autumn” the band writes: To all wimps, dilettantes ... ... out there that try to be evil and brutal: Stay at home and practice !! - To all weaklings and dilettantes ... ... out there who try to be evil and brutal: Stay at home and practice !!

All publications were created and distributed by the band itself. Pavor attach great importance to their independence and do not want a contract with a music label in the future either . The band gives the following statement on their website about the distribution agreement with MDD-Records: Please note that this is no "record deal" or anything, we are still "unsigned" and 100% independent and do not intend to change that. - Please note that this is not a record deal or anything like that, we are still "without a contract" and 100% independent and we have no intention of changing this.

The lyrics of the band are not always accessible to the reader / listener. For example, the text of the piece Dilettante's Dilemma contains a coding that the listener only understands through the music itself.


The current album in particular has almost exclusively received top marks from the music media, with Rock Hard magazine rating it 8.5 out of 10 possible points. The online magazine writes: “Friends of easy listening should [...] keep their hands off 'Furioso', but miss [...] one of the best technical death metal albums since the cult albums of the early ones Nineties. " The online magazine metal-district writes " ... this CD is the missing link between morbid angel and jazz [...] Cynic, atheist and the like act like schoolboys against this bulwark of breaks, blasts and solos. " The critic judges the difficult to understand song structures negatively.


  • 1992: Catharsis ( demo )
  • 1993: Pavor (demo)
  • 1994: A Pale Debilitating Autumn
  • 1999: Promotion demo
  • 2003: Furioso

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