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Pentakosiomedimnoi ( plural from ancient Greek πεντακοσιομέδιμνος pentakosiomédimnos , German ` ` who reaps at least five hundred medimnos '' ) was the name for the richest of four population classes in the phase of Attic democracy of the ancient Athenian polis , which was divided into census classes.

The annual grain income was used as the unit of measurement. Citizens without real estate, who had a high income from other sources, could also be divided into this census class by equating a medimnos (approx. 52.8 liters) with a drachma . The division into one of the four classes resulted in different rights and obligations. The Pentakosiomedimnoi had the right to become archons , as well as the military service as horsemen. They were also able to become treasurer of Athena .

The above-mentioned division of the population into the four census classes took place in 594 BC. Through the constitutional reform of Solon . Since there was no adjustment to the economic development of Athens, the division had in the 4th century BC. Lost in social importance.

The other three census classes are Hippeis , Witnesses and Thets .


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