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Peter Barham (born October 25, 1950 ) is a retired physics professor at the University of Bristol (Great Britain) and visiting professor in molecular gastronomy at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen ( Denmark ).

Barham conducts research in the field of polymer physics , and he is also interested in the protection of penguins , in particular the automated detection of individual specimens with fin straps that he developed and which are made on the basis of silicone .

Barham has worked on the development of molecular cuisine and published the book The Science of Cooking on this topic (German: The last secrets of the art of cooking ). He worked with a number of well-known chefs, including Heston Blumenthal , also a promoter of molecular cuisine and owner of the starred restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray ( Berkshire , England ). In 2003, Barham received the Institute of Physics' Kelvin Medal for contributions to promoting public interest in physics. Barham is co-editor of Flavor , an online journal launched in 2012 that publishes interdisciplinary articles on the creation and perception of taste and its influence on behavior and nutrition.


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