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Herold organ in Buttstädt

Peter Herold († May 16, 1700 ) was an organ builder in Apolda .

life and work

There is evidence of Herold in Apolda from 1690 onwards. It is assumed that he was a son of the organ builder Samuel Herold in Wernigerode . The only remaining work by Peter Herold is the organ in Buttstädt , which was completed after his death by his journeyman Johann Georg Fincke in 1701. After the corresponding contract had been concluded in 1696, Herold only delivered a wind chest and five registers in 1698 . The work was to have the main, upper and pedal work with a typical early Baroque disposition.

Other works by him were the organs in Vieselbach (1690) and Unterteutschenthal (1698), both of which have not survived.

The organ of the Martinskirche zu Apolda was at least partly built by Herold. The instrument with 25 registers on the main work, Rückpositiv and pedal was under construction in 1698 and was also not yet completed at the time of his death.


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