Peter Tunner the Elder

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Peter Tunner the Elder (born July 1, 1786 in Obergraden near Köflach , † December 18, 1844 in Turrach ) was an Austrian pioneer in ore processing.


Peter Tunner the Elder Ä. worked in Turrach in Styria from 1823 to 1844 . The use of the fine ores was previously not possible. In 1824, Peter Tunner the Elder. Ä. a flame roasting oven was built. With its help, over 22 tons of fine ore could be roasted in 24 hours and then fed to the melting point in the blast furnace. He also tried to develop new ore guides.

Between the former Verweserhaus (today Schwarzenberg Forest Administration) and the church stands a monument commemorating the merits of Peter Tunner the Elder. Ä. remind.


His brother, Joseph Ernst Tunner , was a painter who created a portrait of him. Peter Tunner , his son of the same name, also became a respected Montanist.


In Montanmuseum Turrach evidence from the period of Peter Tunner father and son are on display.


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