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Petra Gabriele Dannehl (born January 21, 1948 in Leipzig ; † January 24, 2020 in Hamburg) was a German commercial artist and painter.


After she was born in Leipzig, Petra Gabriele Dannehl grew up in Hamburg and Davos in Switzerland. She studied commercial graphics and painting in Hamburg. Since 1986 she has worked as a freelance artist in Hamburg and Ticino (Switzerland).

Her works are in public and private collections. Including in: Hamburger Sparkasse , HSH Nordbank , Signal Iduna .


Her pictures often show enigmatic scenes in which people appear faceless but still have an identity. They are in dialogue with other people, through their movements or through merging with the crowd. Through her special painting technique, Petra Gabriele Dannehl manages to distract the viewer from his previous understanding of the image in order to arrive at new associations.

The characters in Petra Gabriele Dannehl's work move in an intermediate realm between reality and dream. Associations from the dream world find their equivalent in the shadowy design. The blurring of the picture effect, out of which fictional landscapes grow, appears in all pictures as a design principle and contrasts with the realistically painted figure. Pasted photocopies irritate familiar ways of seeing and play with the concept of image and image. The use of writing as an optical gesture interweaves the representation and background with a gestural painting structure. The person in the artist's work can explicitly become the subject or indirectly leave his mark.


  • Petra Gabriele Dannehl, 2012
  • Galleria Sacchetti, 2009
  • Petra Gabriele Dannehl, 2006

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 2018: Galerie-W , Hamburg: Looking for Magic
  • 2017: Galleria Sacchetti, Ascona, Switzerland
  • 2014: Galerie Schimming, Hamburg
  • 2013: Factory of the Arts , Hamburg "In Dialog"
  • 2010: Barlachgesellschaft , Güstrow "People and the Environment"
  • 2009: Kunsthaus Hamburg "What is important"
  • 2007: Galleria Sacchetti Ascona, Switzerland, (repeatedly since then)
  • 2005: Reemtsmapark , Hamburg "Art as Guest"
  • 2005: BbK annual exhibition, Hamburg, Kunsthaus, with Ralf Jurszo , among others
  • 2004: German Judges Academy, Wustrau Castle
  • 2003/06: Tobias Loeffel Gallery, Basel

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