Equestrian facility

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Riding facility in Schleswig-Holstein
Langenegg riding arena (Bregenzerwald riding and driving association)

Under an equestrian facility is meant primarily a property ( horse riding , Pferdhof , riding ) that the placement of horses used and their training. These include generally stable , riding arena and / or outdoor arena, paddocks / paddocks , if necessary. Outbuildings to house materials and food , as well as residential buildings for staff and owners . Larger equestrian facilities often have a lunging hall , horse walker , several halls, some for different purposes, a race track, driving, jumping and / or terrain parcour.

In a broader sense, the term is also extended to include movables such as vehicles and machines that are used in the company.

Riding arena

A riding arena is a demarcated area on which horses are ridden. A distinction is made between natural spaces and spaces specially created for riding . For the latter, a distinction is made between grass and sand pitches. Both are available in a wide variety of designs, which differ from one another in terms of structure, material used and intended use.

Riding arena

Interior view of a riding arena with indoor irrigation

Riding school is an expression of the equestrian sports , one weather-protected, usually rectangular, bordered place for horse training referred. Riding arenas are usually designed as free-standing riding arenas or in combination with stables, but can also be integrated into other buildings , as is the case with the Spanish Riding School .

Riding arena

A riding arena is a building (riding facility) that is specially designed for equestrian sports .

Horse walker

a free-range horse walker

A horse walker is a supplementary training tool for horses . The horses run tethered or free in a round or oval track.

Horse stable

Horse stable (also stable; actually location, place) is a building used for the separate accommodation of horses.

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