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The whistle is a measure of volume and is one of the smallest liquid measures. Mainly widespread in Bavaria and Austria , it was originally always half the small size that was usually served in the inns . At no point was it a legal measure, but a popular name.

Dimensional relationships in different regions

  • In Bavaria 1 Seidel corresponded to 2 whistles
  • In Salzburg 1 Mäßel was equivalent to 2 whistles
  • In Vienna , a whistle was 4 inches high and 1 inch in diameter and 9 lines 1 point , equivalent to 8.934 Parisian cubic inches . Small deviations in the dimensions are due to the change of the bucket as a measure around 1826: 1 bucket 40 measure = 160 Seidel = 320 whistle; 1 large Seidel = 3 whistles; 1 whistle = 0.177 liters = 8.934 Parisian cubic inches; 2 whistles = 1 Seidel = 0.3544 liters = 17.868 Parisian cubic inches.
  • In Hungary the half had 2 Seidel (Meszely) with 4 Rimpel or Pfiff (Fel meszely). The half had 0.8461355 liters.
  • The whistle, which is common today, especially in western Austria, is not standardized and corresponds to around 0.2 liters.

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