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Johann Friedrich Krüger (* 1770 in Strausberg ; † February 6, 1836 in Quedlinburg ) was a master builder in Quedlinburg and author .


Johann Friedrich Krüger studied in Halle theology and was a tutor in Poplitz at Alsleben Saale . He left theology out of dislike and took a job in Quedlinburg as a construction clerk. He was employed in the Quedlinburg Abbey as a "donor master builder". Because of his inclination to this discipline, he then took up a new course in architecture. Abbess Sophie Albertine of Sweden appointed him to succeed the late master builder Breith as master builder of the monastery. When the monastery came to the Kingdom of Westphalia in 1807 , Krüger initially stayed in his position. In 1809 he moved to Kassel as a domain inspector . Back in Quedlinburg in 1813, Krüger received orders from the Prussian government.

Illnesses took their toll; In 1820 he retired. He subsequently published (also under the pseudonym "Dr. Friedrich Albrecht Niemann") books on various fields of knowledge.

Johann Friedrich Krüger died in Quedlinburg in 1836.


(all published by Verlag Gottfried Basse, Quedlinburg and Leipzig)

  • History of the primeval world . 2 volumes, 1822–1823
  • Primeval natural history of the organic kingdoms: in alphabetical order . 2 volumes, 1825
  • Instructions for the construction and maintenance of permanent paths and roads. A useful aid book for magistrates . 1826
  • Geographical-statistical comtoir and newspaper lexicon . 1827, 2nd edition under the title Geographisches hand dictionary . 1830
  • Non-profit foreign dictionary . 1828, 3rd edition 1833
  • Complete manual of coins, weights and measures for all countries in the world . 1830 ( digitized ) ( HathiTrust ) ( digitized )
  • The calendar booklet. Or easy to understand explanation of all signs and names that appear in calendars . [1831]
  • Handbook of Natural History . Edition in 3 volumes 1832–1836; Edition in 2 volumes 1835
  • Concise Latin-German dictionary of botanical artificial language and plant names . 1833


  • Archive for the latest discoveries from the primeval world. A journal in informal notebooks . Edited by Johann Georg Justus Ballenstedt and (from 1820) JF Krüger. 6 volumes. 1819-1824
  • Lives of famous and strange people of our time . Edited by Carl Nicolai, Christian Niemeyer, JF Krüger. 5 volumes. 1817–1823 ( proof of digital copies )
  • Henri Marie Ducrotay de Blainville : The Petrified Fish . Edited, annotated and with a preface by JF Krüger. 1823 ( digitized version )

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