Phenyl group

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Compounds with a phenyl group ( blue ) with R = organyl group (alkyl group, aryl group, acyl group etc.), halogen, hydroxyl radical, metal etc .; Benzyl alcohol , toluene , phenol , benzenesulfonic acid chloride and acetophenone (from top left to bottom right).

In organic chemistry, the phenyl group is the benzene residue , i.e. the atomic group –C 6 H 5 . In complex chemical formulas , the phenyl group is sometimes abbreviated as Ph , more rarely with Ø or φ. Phenyls have a weak electron-donating effect (see mesomeric effect ).

Examples of compounds with phenyl groups are for example biphenyl , benzoic acid or phenol . The benzyl group (-CH 2 Ph) and the benzoyl group (-C (O) Ph) are extensions of the phenyl group; The phenylene group (–C 6 H 4 -) is also structurally similar .


Individual evidence

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