Philipp Cohen (Publisher)

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Philipp Cohen , also Cohen and Risch as well as Cohen & Risch , was a German book publisher with an attached bookstore , which had specialized in agricultural and in particular horticultural works .


The company was originally founded in 1866 under the Cohen and Risch company in Stuttgart . A few years later, the then sole owner, Philipp Cohen, relocated the publishing house to Hanover in 1870 - now under his own name . The address book, city and business manual of the royal residence city of Hanover and the city of Linden from 1872 was recorded by the publishing bookstore Cohen & Risch , with the sole owner Philipp Cohen in Hanover and Otto Risch in Stuttgart, based on the first floor of Große Packhofstrasse 25 .

The publishing program included, for example, the widespread works on flora , carpentry and home gardening and other gardening books by Hermann Jäger , including titles such as the women's garden .

At the beginning of the 1880s, all Cohen articles were delivered on commission to R. Hoffmann in Leipzig .

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