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Philosophia naturalis was a journal that published articles on topics of natural philosophy , in particular the theory of science , the philosophy of technology and the history of science , and which pursued an interdisciplinary approach, especially in the collaboration between philosophers and natural scientists .

The journal was founded by Eduard May and appeared with the subtitle Archive for Natural Philosophy and the philosophical border areas of the exact sciences and the history of science every quarter from 1950 in Westkulturverlag Meisenheim am Glan and from 1957 to 1988 in the resulting Anton Hain Verlag with Joseph Meurers as editor. It was then published every six months by Vittorio Klostermann Frankfurt am Main. The subtitle was changed to Journal for the philosophy of nature . With the second issue of the 50th year, the publication was stopped in 2013.

Philosophia naturalis was subject to the peer review process using the double-blind opinion method . Contributions were published in German or English.

Most recently, the editors were Manfred Stöckler (editor in charge), Andreas Bartels , Olaf L. Müller and Marcel Weber .

The most recent members of the scientific advisory board were Werner Diederich , Andreas Hüttemann , Bernulf Kanitscheider , Holger Lyre , Felix Mühlhölzer , Friedrich Steinle , Eckart Voland and Gerhard Vollmer, as well as Michael Esfeld (University of Lausanne) from Switzerland and Don Howard (University of Notre Dame, Indiana) and James Lennox (University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

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