Pierre André de Suffren

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Pierre André de Suffren
In gratitude for the defense of the Dutch colonies, the Dutch envoy presented Suffren with a golden sword (1784)

Pierre André de Suffren (born July 13, 1726 in Saint-Cannat , France , † December 8, 1788 in Paris ), actually Comte Pierre André de Suffren de Saint Tropez, Bailli de Suffren , was a French admiral.

Born in Provence, Suffren entered the French Navy and the Order of Malta at an early age . In the fight against the barbarians and the British, he distinguished himself as a ship's ensign, lieutenant a. Frigate captain from many times. During the American War of Independence , he burned a British squadron in the North American port of Newport in 1779 and commanded a French light squadron in 1780, which joined the fleet of the Spanish Admiral Cordova . In 1781 he was sent as a commodore with five ships of the line and two frigates to assist the Dutch against the British who were threatening the colonies of those in Africa and Asia. He fought happily on the whole in the Cape and in the East Indies against the British admirals George Johnstone and Edward Hughes, conquered Trincomalee in 1782 and held his own at this station. Until 1783 he successfully stood up to the Royal Navy as a daring and agile sailor. After the Peace of Paris (1783) , Suffren returned to France and was appointed Vice Admiral by the King.



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  1. The Bibliothèque Nationale de France gives 1729 as the year of birth, ( Notice de personne ).